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Spencer%20Tunick%20montreal%20copy.jpgWOW! We had over 1100 signatures in a month on our petition to bring model diversity to the London Catwalks...and while LFW didn't enforce healthy models on the Winter Catwalks, we are still trying to ensure that LFW rectify that in time for the Summer catwalks in September 2007.  Keep supporting us, as AnyBody toils away behind the scenes in discussions with the LFW to make that petition a reality! We wanted to thank everyone for signing...and show a sample of some of the wonderful supportive comments we recieved here! We will keep you posted on our progress!

(left image - a fabulous display of diversity from photographer Spencer Tunick) 



  1. West Yorkshire, England - We have a responsability to prevent fatal eating disorders, we cannot stand by and pretend it is not happening
  2.  Sydney - The fashion industry must show some leadership - unfortunately its been lacking to date.
  3. Nottinghamshire, England - I'm about the age where I'm the most affected by the media and what I see, especially on the catwalks. While I'm not conforming to it, I see a lot of girls I know making themselves sick trying to look like the super-skinny models. Please stop it.
  4.  Boston , MA, USA - Health is more important than Fashion
  5. New Zealand - Please help us make this the first generation of women who love their bodies unconditionally, dont let this be the generation where the age of anorexicia starts at preteen years.
  6. London - Anything that helps young women and girls to value themselves more highly and to resist the continuing assault on them is to welcome. That is why I support this campaign.
  7. You look at those girls and you think: i want to look like that! but then you realize - no-one looks like that! These models are encouraging eating disorders, and telling us that we need to be thin to be pretty, loved, or happy.
  8. Albuquerque New Mexico USA - Britain can take the lead in this
  9. New York - All fashion industries should adopt this policy
  10. London - On a diet since thar age of 15
  11. Atlanta , GA - We are all special. We all buy clothing. Why aren't we all represented?
  12. Iowa USA - Women need realistic beauty ideals, because what we have now is killing us.
  13. Brighton - Terrified my girls (12 and 14) will see their bodies as ugly if they are rounded - when they are soooooo beautiful.
  14. Preston - Its about time women were recognised for their achievements and abilities rather than praised for fitting into a size 6 jean and knowing that grey is this year's black!
  16. Oxford - The sick insect models are having a bad effect on kids like us.
  17. Bristol - Real women have a BMI of 18+ and I would like to see the fashion industry come into the real world. Bring back the days of Cindy Crawfod and Linda Evangelista please
  18. London - Let's have women that represent what real women look like that buy the clothes not just to make the clothes look better.
  19. england - It's time to reflect the true diversity of the human form, and not just push one body type on the thousands of people who do not meet this. It's the 21st century, and this industry is sadly draconian
  20. London - Encouraging body dissatisfaction creates enormous unhappiness
  21. LONDON - Start with the fashion industry and then challeng the media's perception of women as a narrow stereotype
  22. London - Fashion is for everyone, start reflecting that on the catwalk.
  24. London - I'm a clinical psychologist in training: media influences on eating disorders is not the whole story, but it would make a difference - it IS a policy issue.
  25. London - Can we make the catwalks 'real', please...?
  26. Sydney Australia - I love my body, it's the only one I'll ever have!
  27. coventry - no more fashion VICTIMS
  28. salford - i think that pressure should be taken off the young girls these days, let them grow up properly ! instead of a size 6 or 8, lets get some statistical women on the cat walks, reall sizes, 12's 14's and 16's, make the fashion industry listen
  29. Western Isles - If the fashion industry won't take action, it's time that we consumers do and stop buying products that promote sickness and death among women.
  30. Yorkshire - It is totally irressponsible to promote images of women, which are considered aspirational, which in the majority of cases can onlt be attainied by attaining and maintaining a weight that is unhealthy and which can lead to permanent impact on womens healt
  31. London - I am a sive 12/14 and am happy with my size and shape. I find it disturbing to see the media so happily portraying size 0 as a fashionable look, as in my oppinion becomeing size 0 is just as unhealthy a being obese
  32. As a mother of two girls age 13 and 8 respectivly. I live in fear of eating disorders. My 13 year old who is athletic and slim complains that she is fat !!!God help us...
  33. Australia - We should be accepted no matter how big we are. We are humans. We all deserve the same things. Whether it's a size 6 or 20. I'm sick of being kept in the dark. Left out. Afraid to do anything, because of my size. This must stop now.
  34. Moscow , Russia - Show us some hot chicks in decent clothes for a change, will you?
  35. london uk - our media industry is promoting unreal images of people. models are paid to be too thin,.
  36. Lancashire - more 'real' women should be represented to encourage women to enjoy & appreciate their own body forms. Petition is a great idea
  37. Concord West, NSW, Aust. - We all have daughters and want them to be happy, not anorexic.
  38. I say that size zero models should be banned and Britain should be promoting average weight people!
  39. Telford - I think its so stupid to have a sterotypical image of a women cause its hard enough to be a teenager with all the bitchy girls without having magizines giving you all that rubbish about size zero is the new size 8.
  40. London/Manchester - The debate regarding sample sizes is insane. Designers simply need to think about how people, not clotheshangers wear clothes and thus sample sizes would be normal and magazines could employ normal sizes women.
  41. end the madness and let women live their lives without anxiety about their appearance.
  42. Bedford - The fashion industry is contributing to girls and women's poor self image. They are creating unhealthy models for what is beautiful. It cannot continue to be ignored, the fashion industry must accept partial blame for depressing and often dangerous effect
  43. Sydney - Body diversity is a MUST
  44. Swindon - Just do it
  45. London - I'm a 6'4" guy and not built like i'm half starved, thus with most shops it is hard to find any clothes that are fashionable that fit from the highstreet stores (who are influemced from the catwalk). Women with curves are attractive, Marilyn Monroe.
  46. Manchester - Real women buy these clothes so real women should model them!
  47. Sussex - Girls my age (and younger) are striving to look like women, and yet I don't understand why. 12 year olds, not 16 year olds! We should still be entitled to run around in the mud and play like 9 year olds...its only 3 years difference.
  48. this is so ridiculous, ive heard the diets that thos size 0 models go on, they are going to make themselves extremely ill, and many other followers too
  49. Liverpool - Brilliant Cause. Keep Going. The fasion industry puts way to much pressure on women to look a certain way.. We're all different and all beautiful x
  50. Idaho , USA - This is such a good idea, put a size 12 on a catwalk!! ELIMINATE SIZE 0 OR NEGATIVES!! Please make people feel good, not bad!! MAKE BEING "big-boned" FASHIONABLE!!
  51. London- i hate the way the fashioon industry represent women... its time for a change
  52. California- USA You tell them!!!
  53. Massachusetts - The standards of beauty promoted by the fashion industy are unrealistic and unhealthy. The pressures they create are having a dramatic impact on girls my age and something needs to be done to stop it.
  54. Cambridge- I think its great what Any-Body is doing!
  55. London - enjoy life and its pleasures!
  56. Madison , CT I absolutely agree that we need more variety in terms of body shape, size, and age on the runway, in the magazines, and in the electronic media. Thie is important to me as a gerontologist and as the mother of daughters.
  57. Yorkshire and the Humber - Since having a BMI of less than 18 is medically unhealthy models who fall into this category should not be modelling clothes aimed at the general population. It is about time that clothes were modeled on people more representative of the general populatio
  58. London- It is disturbing that my daughter, now 15, has been "scouted" by fashion photographers persistantly since she was only 13. Bulimia/anorexia seriously compromised a relative's health 30 years ago. Why are we in the same oppressed place, 3 decades on?
  59. Frenchs Forest , Australia - Size O should have a 1 in front, ie, size 10, as a minimum, probably 12 would be a good starting point
  60. Chester Hill , Australia- My granddaughter suffered from anorexia.
  61. Stevenage- So many times after seeing glamourous looking women in photos I have been tempted to go to any lengths to look like them,but its not normal for everyone to be super small and look the same!
  62. Prague , Czech Republic- Dont let them die!
  63. San Francisco , California, USA - Keep fighting the British Fashion Council. By not having zero sized models they can help reduce deadly anorexia and bulimia.
  64. North Wales - I have just finished a project in college on anorexia and I was shocked to find how many were slimming to become as thin as these models we see today, even though anorexia is a mental health problem, these size zero models are not helping them
  65. London - Negative perceptions of our own bodies is far too common among women, and the fashion industry has the opportunity to change this by creating beauty from celebrating the diversity of body shapes, rather than fixating on one ideal, which is not representational.
  66. Port Augusta - Action is needed to bring this about
  67. Connecticut , U.S.A. - I have seen too many friends hurt by such images. Are people's lives really worth it?
  68. Los Angeles , CA USA- I'm sick and tired of girls growing up hating their bodies. I blame this on the fasion industry and something needs to be done about it..NOW!
  69. Australia - I am well over 20 - even so, I am not dead yet. I am female and still feel like a woman. It would be SO good to be able to find clothes that fit my woman's body, not little girl's clothes.
  70. Hasselt / Belgium - Good!!! We want body diversity on the catwalk
  71. London - Strange but true to live in an age when a certain body size is promoting sickness not health
  72. California - After 3 years of body hatred and suffering, I am in recovery from Anorexia Nervosa. I am taking a stand and you should too!
  73. Israel - Being beatiful is first of all being healthy, which is definitely not true for all those anorectic models
  74. Reno , NV - It's really absurd that designers say that clothes "hang better" on skinny models. Arent' they supposed to be designing for women? I guess they aren't very good designers if they can't figure out curves!
  75. Miami Beach , Florida- Keep it up! We need to do this in the States, too!
  76. Oxford , UK- I am sick of feeling inadequate when compared to the media images of women in magazines and on television and films, etc, etc!
  77. Philadelphia , PA , USA.- I am in recovery for an eating disorder. Enough is enough!
  78. London - and how about models with disabilities? We exist too.
  79. .kent - I'm not skinny by any stretch of the imagination ,and seeing super thin models makes me feel really bad about my body ,when I should be loving and appreciating myself !
  80. Richmond , NSW, Aust. - Don't waste your life as an anorexic, ignore the hype.
  81. Adaminaby , Australia- It made me so sad to see my granddaughter suffering from anorexia. I felt so helpless.
  82. Philadelphia- lets all learn to love our bodies! lets change the way the media thinks!
  83. USA - You must become the change you wish to see
  84. South Wales - Girls these days don't wori about life and school work or generally having fun, these days when a girl get's ready to go out or buy's a new outfit the first thing they think about is 'Do I look fat in this?'. This isn't a healthy lifestyle for any girl,
  85. US - I spent years hating my body, perpetuated by thin women I saw everywhere in fashion. Please change this!
  86. Guilford - Its high time women became emancipated from these enslaving, selfish consumerist fashion culture that has held them a hostage for such a long time, wake up fellow females!
  87. Peterborough - I got close to this subject through an assignment for school, I think what you're doing is a great idea not only for women in general but you're freeing the models who are suffering under the clutches of the male dominated fashion industry.
  88. oxford - style comes from within, no matter what's on the outside
  89. East London - Everyone is an individual and should be treated as one
  90. Maidenhead - This petition is essential and long overdue
  91. Hilversum- I believe that the fashion industry is pressuring women into looking perfect, but if they can't see that every woman is perfect in her own unique way then why do we listen to these people in the first place? So what if your 10 kilos heavier than your best
  92. Pittsburgh , PA USA - All Women are Beautiful No Matter What Size!
  93. Hampshire - Down with the pressures of having a "Barbie" appearance!
  94. Northern Ireland -What happened to equal rights? Surely, those who aren't stick thin should be able to do catwalk without being told they are 'too fat'. We want equality for weight issues not just gender issues and whatever else.
  95. Milton Keynes -celebrate women! not image
  96. Singapore -Thank god for this petition, i hate iot when i get all grumpy after reading the latest, lose weight in 20 days theroies, its all bullshit
  97. telford -i think it wrong to have thin models as thay dont set a good exaple and my eldest and youngest sisters are following them and are to thin
  98. england -dont package beauty
  99. Peterborough - I used to be anorexic and think that underweight models have a big affect on the ideal body when in reality their body shape it far from perfect!
  100. Hillingdon - Young girls are dying whilst aspiring to obtain an unhealthy, virtually unobtainable underweight body size. This must be stopped!
  101. Guilford , CT - I pray my daughters will escape the hype!
  102. home- i dont think anyone has the right to tell us how we should look
  103. Surrey - Curvy women are just as beautiful as emaciated ones, if not more so. Are celebrities not digitally enhancing their breasts on posters across the country? Flat stomachs, chests and fleshless figures are unhealthy and unnatural
  104. Huddersfield- The fashion industry is rediculous, its clothes are limited to that of a very small audience. Fashion industrys are demining females and some mens lifes everywhere. No model should be aloud with a BMI of over 25 bor under 18. or health and Social reasons
  105. London- If the fashion industry expects us to spend our hard-earned money on its products, it needs to represent all of us with a fair range of sizes.
  106. Sydney Australia - We want some diversity in represention of the Body and fashion its not interesting anymore give us some volume give us some curves!
  107. England- people should realise you dont have to be a size 0 to be beautiful, i want to do moddeling but if they said i had to lose weight in order to become one i would find a different dream!
  108. St Ives- Love Your Body Dont Follow The Fashion Love Your Self For How You Look! Not What Is In The Papers! Or On The Cat Walk! X
  109. Solihull- I am a psychologist and have worked with people whose lives have been ruined and ultimately put at risk by such fashions. It is time it is stopped, before we succumb to the idiocy of 'size zero' from the USA.
  110. New York - By establishing healthy role models for young girls today, there will be less instances of eating disorders in the future (and happy, healthier women in general).
  111. United States of America- A woman can be beautiful, no matter what her measurements are.
  112. London- stop the ridiculous rise of body facists!
  113. London - Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities can be beautiful. It's an outrage to tell them they aren't. It's lucky that trees and flowers can't be subordinated. If they could we would probably start discriminating between them too.
  114. I think the portrayal of women in the mass media is difficult to fathom. The neverending focus on physical form as the pinnacle of achievement is shallow and misguided. A search for happiness through things external to oneself, like physical form
  115. Lansdale Pennsylvania, USA- Amazing Idea, all sizes need to be loved
  116. London- its about time we realised what the reperesentation of fashion is doing to the next generation. Stockport UK We need to get back to a realistic, healthy view of what a woman should look like.
  117. London - This is so important - we are all beautiful!
  118. Huddersfield, Yorkshire- I'm so proud of my granddaughter who struggled with anorexia and now is doing her utmost to help others.
  119. Toronto , Canada- It is critical that we provide our children REAL role models. Teach them that our body shape is not a competition and not to discriminate our sisters and brothers. Beg the models out there that are our children's
  120. Cluj Napoca, Romania - I fully support the initiative of issues that affect individuals in negative ways at scale must be addressed as a social problem and the "rights of an industry" just should not stand a chance.
  121. Germany - Let's liberate our bodies!
  122. CANADA- I think that people need to stop picking apart the flaws within themselves..and spend that time celebrating your beauty and what we have to offer to world in a possitive way..looks are just the outter shell of what is the most valuable part.. your soul
  123. Sheffield- It's about time the models and the clothes represented the people who buy them. Stop holding up an impossible body image. Young and vulnerable minds think this is what they should be aiming for.
  124. Kent- I'm not skinny by any stretch of the imagination ,and seeing super thin models makes me feel really bad about my body ,when I should be loving and appreciating myself !
  125. Salford, Manchester- We have always been toldm beauty is skin deep, yet this isn't portrayed in the worlds media, its always how skinny the new celeb is, and how size 0 is the new size 2. Something needs to be done otherwise more teenagers will become ill trying.
  126. South Wales- Girls these days don't wori about life and school work or generally having fun, these days when a girl get's ready to go out or buy's a new outfit the first thing they think about is 'Do I look fat in this?'. This isn't a healthy lifestyle for any girl
  127. Glasgow - Hope someone listens before too many die.
  128. Benfleet , Essex - Eating disorders kill
  129. Edinburgh - Give us some real models so we can actually see what clothing would look like on a human, not a rake
  130. Greece - Why do we have to care so much more about our body than our spirit...? I am a clinical nutritionist in Greece and face the huge problem of eating disorders daily. I wish women find other ways to feel free and be happy!!! Good luck!
  131. Florida , USA - This is a responsibility we all must share.
  132. Indiana - Media images contribute to the high prevalence of eating disorders in the nation. Prevention would start by showing what "real" women look like so girls can create a realistic body image for themselves.
  133. NOTTINGHAM - Free your mind and free your body!
  134. U.S.A - There is no way to judge a person by thier shape, or color. There is no meaning to the word beautiful.
  135. Studio City, CA- You guys Rock!!!
  136. California , U.S.A.- Don�t hate the tag on your jeans! Love your genes! Value Diversity!
  137. Oklahoma- Bodies of all sizes are beautiful get this through your heads not even a small potion of the world is as tiny as you want your models.
  138. Stockholm , Sweden- All women should be represented as women. Stop Marketing Anorectic Looks, we are damaging our children...
  139. Canada- I entirely agree with your mouvement. It's time for a change, at last.
  140. Mid Wales - I don't understand why being so skinny is promoted as good. I would never want to be that ill just to follow fashion. It's wrong and sick.
  141. Warminster- isnt it about time u realised the images portray are leading people to kill them selves
  142. Alabama- i think this is a wonderful thing that you are doing. i am honored to have been able to sign for such a great cause. much love !
  143. Seattle , WA - As a medical professional please stop destroying peoples lives.
  144. wrexham - It is madness.
  145. Eugene , OR, USA - I think it's fantastic that there is this movement being started. I am 100% behind it, supporting it every step of the way. Being a victim of and eating disorder myself, I know what these sort of images can do to women. We need to take a stand
  146. Boston , MA - It's about time that something is done to stop this. So many of women's eating disorders are caused by the unrealistic, unfair, and unhealthy images of women in the fashion industry. This is not just a matter of low self esteem and insecurity
  147. Ohio , USA- Terrific Idea. This will help save lives.
  148. Buffalo , New York - I believe the fashion industry has a social responsibilty to promote a healthy and diverse look. Not everyone is of the same body, therefore, fashion should conform to a real women's body, not the stick figures which are portraying eating disoders.
  149. Morgantown , WV - There are too many people with eating disorders and low self esteem. I think everyone should feel comfortable being the way they are.
  150. Liverpool- The fashion industry needs to stop claiming ignorance when it comes to the promotion of an unhealthy body image to impressionable young women. I have suffered with an eating disorder and the fact is that very thin models DO influence girls and women
  151. East Sussex- Just think what women would do if they were not made to believe that the most important thing in their lives was how they look. Creating this preoccupation in our minds does us a great disservice. And when we are told that we ought to be as nearly without
  152. Arizona , USA- Thank you for putting this petition together to help women be more realistic in viewing their bodies.
  153. Peterborough- It's time to let women feel proud and happy with their body shape, whether it be a size6,12 or 20!
  154. too many women (admittedly myself included) spend too much time trying to obtain an impossible ideal, rather than focusing on what's really important -who they are, what they think and feel and believe
  155. Spring Hill, FL- I love my curves!!!!!
  156. Kitchener , Ontario- We need a change for our children!
  157. london - People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.
  158. US- this is amazing! thank you!
  159. Colorado Springs , CO, USA - This is incredible and inspiring.
  160. New Mexico , USA - Lets redefine beauty according to natural femmininity rather than unnatural..
  161. Vancouver , BC, Canada - Body image is robbing us of our health. Clothing is supposed to keep us comfortable as well as give us a way to express ourselves. Instead, capitalism takes nature and moulds it in its image to increase sales and create market share.
  162. Lithuania - Why do we have to watch skeletons on the catwalk?
  163. Netherlands - This is very good!!! I hope it will work out!
  164. Florida- Even in Brazil, woman are now,dying to be thin, Brazilian woman always pride themselves on their curves.They have been told that--size six is the new Fourteen. When will it end?
  165. Sheffield- I do not want my daughter (or son) to have an unrealstic view of how the human body should be resulting in unhappiness with their 'normal' body image
  166. Michigan , United States - Older, plumper, bumpier...anything!
  167. North Carolina - Women are killing themselves trying to be a size "0" because of what is seen on the catwalk!
  168. usa- right on sisters. celebrate a healthy body image.
  169. Egypt- know who are you
  170. Israel- Bless you
  171. Israel- stop the madness
  172. Israel - It's about time, that society will accept women as we are, without being terrified.
  173. Israel - how many more girls and women will "live for clothes, and die for fashion?
  174. North Carolina , USA/Costa Rica- wish i could have participated in the protest! here's to healthy, happy women!
  175. New Hampshire - We want models who portray a healthy body image the reflects the body types of the consumers who will be purchasing and wearing the clothes. I may try it on because it looks good on the model, but if it doesn't look good on me I won't buy it anyway!
  176. Boston , USA - This is very important.
  177. Aberystwyth - Body images are so important. So many people are naturally insecure about their bodies, which is aggravated by the images that the media portray.
  178. Connecticut , USA - Current views on fashion HURT people. Please change what we view.
  179. Manchester - Whole heartedly agree

Reader Comments (22)

One troubling thing about the photo- it seems everyone is Caucasian. Not so diverse.
May 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAnnie, USA
i'd like to see them curvey women with that junk in the trunk...can fashion please provide me and the world with that. we don't want to see women who are litteraly in extremis!
May 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSabrina Kopecki
How can that image be thought of as "diverse" if all the people in it are white?
September 30, 2007 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
wtf i have high metabolism and no matter how much i eat I CANT GAIN WIGHTTTT
im not starving myself..
some of the dumbest shit
stop size zero?
give me a fucking break
yes some models are crazy but some, people are just fuckin skinny
god damn loose some wight or some shit
February 13, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterstop model deaths??
Please note, AnyBody do not want to 'ban' size zero, we are only concerned that the media and modelling industries do not only promote the one very limited body ideal, but that they begin to show diversity of size, shape, colour, and age. We are for bodies in every form as long as they are not tortured to meet someone else's ideals, ideals which models in this industry who are not naturally very thin often have pushed on them.
February 24, 2008 | Registered Commenteranybody
Good people doing what needed to be done long ago,but the time has come now! Great!!!
July 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRose
It's nice to see that there are so many supports. I also support it.
September 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSusan
The trip is like going on a circle. It never has an end to begin with, and it will never end if you never realize it.
October 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWhiteMelon
It is amazing what crochet can become! Wish I could se it in person.
November 19, 2010 | Unregistered Commentercheap ugg boots
Great work. The fashion industry needs to change.

Every day I see aneroxic and sad teenage girls. Its unhealthy, and sadly, this trend is on the increase.

Mature women hate their bodies and have low self esteem.

Sad indeed. This needs to change.
November 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterArticle Writing service
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