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A recent event


Calling All Ladies!

Are YOU sick and tired of picking up magazines only to see pictures of scantily clad women looking perfect? Do you wish you could see images of REAL women that haven’t been airbrushed?

In the modern world of cosmetic surgery, cellulite cream and Photoshop it seems that showing real bodies, even if they do have the odd lump or bump, is forbidden. Perhaps it’s no wonder that female body confidence in the UK is hitting an all time low. We never see any real women!! The time has come to put the BARE REALITY back out there – to love our bodies just as they are.

The BBC and TV presenter Dawn Porter (of Super Slim Me fame) are organizing The Ultimate Female Flashmob - an exciting event in which hundreds of semi-naked women will descend on a secret London location on the 9th of July to bare as much flesh as they like in celebration of the true female form.

Come and show off your beautiful bodies, and remind the world what it is to be a real, live, 100% organic woman, freed from hang-ups as well as clothes.

Full nudity is not compulsory, wear as little as you like…

Fig leaves may be provided…

To find out where and when CALL 07921 609 588 EMAIL

And see for info!

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