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Anybody supports Fat Talk Free Week

This week 19th to 23rd October Anybody hopes that you can enjoy celebrating Fat Talk Free Week. This is a wonderful idea which reminds us how our language is full of "fat talk". In my experience, on a daily basis I am surrounded by fat talk, which I find frankly tragic. "I'm so fat", "I'll start on Monday", "You can have it but I can't". These kind of comments go without saying on a daily basis.

I even sat in Court today in my job as a lawyer and while we were waiting for the judge to come in we all heard the court clerks talking about how fat they were and how they used to be so thin. One of them said how "hippy" she was and how bad she felt about it. It was totally weird that there, even in a court room where you usually keep silent before the judge comes in, it was totally acceptable to engage in this self-hatred so publicly.

What has happened is that "Fat talk" has become completely acceptable and normal.

It's so sad.

That's why Fat Talk Free Week has to be a good thing.  Here's the link.

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