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Our favourite spread of 2009

Our 2009 award for most inspiring, ground breaking and fashion defining moment goes to the team at Harper's BAZAAR Australia - for showing Crystal Renn in her true glory and not sucumbing to the usual fashion cover up. And we think she looks all the better for it.

Harper's BAZAAR May 2009

an un-retouched image from the shoot:


Photographed by Luis Sanchis
Styled by Wayne Gross
Hair by Kenshin Asano at L'Atelier New York
Makeup by Keiko Takagi at See Management New York
Model: Crystal Renn at Ford Models New York

Photographed by Luis SanchisStyled by Wayne GrossHair by Kenshin Asano at L'Atelier New YorkMakeup by Keiko Takagi at See Management New YorkModel: Crystal Renn at Ford Models New York

Reader Comments (2)

I am sorry - I find this picture hideous.

In accepting different body shapes I think we should continue to remember that obesity is also a health issue - which impacts on the poor and powerless most of all.

Also Crystal Renn's food issues seem to owe more to a chaotic childhood than the pressures of fashion.
March 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAnneR
AnneR, you give the caveat that you're "accepting of different body shapes" but then you call the picture hideous. Crystal Renn may be overweight, but she isn't obese, and how many women do you know, of ANY size, who don't have cellulite? Even the sainted Kate Moss, stick insect of the catwalk, has it. It's time people recognised that showing modified and photoshopped images of women of all sizes is damaging our perception of beauty and womanhood. I would remind you that the weight of many catwalk models and the photoshopped images of fashion adverts is also a health issue.
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLindsay

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