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Boycotting Ralph Lauren

Filmmaker Daryll Roberts sent an open letter to Ralph Lauren last week. He explains why he is boycotting his products and aiming for a million to join him to urge the company to wake up and overhaul the shocking images they use to advertise their clothes. (you can see what he means below in "Controversy over model.." 18 October) I'll refrain from uploading yet another one of these depressing examples when we have such gorgeous images to feature from Elle! Roberts' award-winning film America The Beautiful examines the country's obsession with physical perfection. Check out  and share your views if you've seen the film!

Reader Comments (1)

I just watched that movie 2 days ago. Although I had already read a lot about the issue, I learned new things and was intensely glad that other people find the issue so pressing, that a man would enough to make such a thorough documentary.
It was a bit scattered but great overall. I just want more people to watch it!
December 6, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNatalia

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