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Older models are the 'newest' fashion trend








Twiggy, second from left, featured in the Marks and Spencer campaign last September at age 57, and had a positive imact on the company's profits.

It seems that models previously deemed 'too old' for the fickle industry of fashion photography are the new hot item, with demand for middle-aged models far outstripping supply.  The demand for mature models has increased 30-40% over the last three years and is continuing to rise.  One of the first campaigns notable for it's use of older models was Dove's 'Real Beauty' campaign, using 95-year-old Irene Sinclair and asking the question 'Wrinkled or Wonderful?'.  The campaign also featured 45-year-old Merlin Glozier with the accompanying question 'Grey or Gorgeous?'.

Couture fashion houses are also starting to recognise maturity in women as something to be celebrated. With 48-year-old Sharon Stone being unveiled as the new face of Christian Dior, Prada using 52-year-old Kim Basinger to promote her miu miu label, and Versace using Madonna,47, in their campaign last year.

Elaine Dugas, a director at London's Models 1, says the resurgence of mature models is because

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