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Fashion And The Sense Of Size

AnyBody promotes diversity in the representation of, and provision for, bodies of all sizes. We are working to encourage the fashion industry to broaden the size ranges they manufacture and to use models who more accurately reflect the size of ordinary women.

Media And The Definition Of Beauty

AnyBody intervenes with the media’s portrayal of beauty, which fluctuates with the fads of the market upon which it is dependant. AnyBody aims to offer back to the individual a sense of her own beauty and thereby re-establish previously lost and damaged self-esteem.

Diet/ Food Industry and Attitudes to Eating and Body

AnyBody challenges the misconception that the diet industry is a benign or even helpful player in tackling the growing public emergency that is obesity. The industry’s main effort is towards those who fail to meet the thin aesthetic: causing long term damage through disrupting natural ‘set-point’ weight, and making a profit out of the 97% recidivism rate, which leaves the majority of dieters in a state of body distress as they fight their bodies’ exclusion from the glamorous world of thin and lose any sense of peace and beauty in the skin they are in.

AnyBody also challenges the judgemental language used to describe food and eating (such as ‘sins’ and ‘points’) and the misleading description of children’s and ‘healthy’ products in order to develop a more simple, honest and autonomous relationship with nutrition and body.

What are we doing?

Department of Health: Helping nursing mothers and new parents

AnyBody has been in discussions with the Department of Health to try to develop training and support packages for health visitors promoting healthy relationships with food and body, in young mothers; to help these mothers encourage healthy attitudes to eating in babies and children, and to prevent children turning the normal conflicts of growing up into transforming their bodies or using food in ways that hurt them. AnyBody submitted their proposal in January 2004. AnyBody is also talking with the Royal College of Nursing.

The Diet Trap: Weight Watchers

One of AnyBody’s goals is to bring a case against Weight Watchers as one example of where the diet industry knowingly exploits the aesthetic ideal of slenderness. It has plenty of evidence that dieting does not help people maintain weight loss. In fact its profits depend upon return customers and ‘failure’. If you are interested in this project and have had negative or damaging experiences please add an entry to the discussion board under 'Take Action'.

Child Obesity and Food Standards
AnyBody continues to work with political advisors, committees and government agencies to address the issue of child obesity by bringing emotional literacy to schools and a heightened awareness of the labelling and advertising of foods, specifically those aimed at children. AnyBody is exploring the possibility of working with European partners to help children relish and enjoy their food and their bodies.

What can You do?

1.Get involved in the campaign

Use this website and the 'Take Action' discussion board to voice you view, concerns and any action you may be instigating, join together with other concerned people and speak back to the industries that are constantly speaking to us.  We want to develop this internet site and make it a lively discussion forum, so make use of it and email us any suggestions to improve the site.

2. Donate

Send a donation to AnyBody Ltd, 2 Lancaster Drive, London NW3 4HA.


3. Having your own say

Writing to MPs and organisations (such as fashion houses, etc.) is an effective and easy way of making a statement. If you want to, you can refer to this website and use our contacts lists.

4. Everyday Life

Making a difference and supporting the cause can be as easy as talking to friends and family and being aware of those around you who maybe particularly vulnerable. Body distress can be as seemingly inconspicuous as low self-esteem, or as frightening as a life-threatening eating disorder. Don’t let hating our bodies become a natural part of life today. Reclaim your body and your right to feel good.