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Susie Orbach Talks 2010


Real Women: The Body Image Debate
8th March, 4 - 6pm
Thatcher Room, Portcullis House
Houses of Parliament, Westminster
On International Women's Day 2010, leading academics, politicians and members of the media and fashion industries will debate the way forward to combat body image pressure on women and girls imposed by idealised images in the modern media.
The meeting will include a panel discussion and Q&A with
Erin O' Connor
Fashion model and founder of All Walks Beyond the Catwalk campaign
Susie Orbach
Author of Fat is a Feminist Issue and Bodies: Big Ideas and convenor of AnyBody campaign
Dr. Helga Dittmar
Author of Consumer culture, identity, and well-being: The search for the ‘good life’ and ‘body perfect’
Laurie Penny
Feminist blogger and journalist for The Guardian
To RSVP or for more information please contact Hannah Wright at or 0207 219 8088
Jo Swinson MP and Lynne Featherstone MP

Glasgow Book Festival                                                                     

2pm  13th March

Susie Orbach on 'Bodies'         


University of Limerick                                                             

19th & 20th March

Gender, Culture & Society Seminar on Bodies by Susie Orbach


The Eating Disorders, Compulsions & Addictions Service        

9-12am  1st May

Workshop on Bodies at The William Alanson White Institute         

New York, USA

What exactly are these bodies that we are trying to live in?

Talk with Frank Bruni, Judith Brisman & Jean Petrucelli


Structures of the Self seminar series for Confer                  

7.30pm    5th May

‘Towards a theory of body development’                             


Intelligence Squared                                                                          

17th June

Debate: “Fashion Maketh Woman”


Confer – The Tavistock Centre                                                       

25th June

Embodied countertransference

One Case: Three Approaches


Psychoanalysis, Money & the Economy                                         

7-9pm, 1st July

Conway Hall, WC1     

Global Financial Crisis & The Psychology of Money

A public panel debate with Dr Vince Cable, Dr Gillian Tett,

Oliver James & Susie Orbach


TW Counselling Centre Conference                                              

am 25th September

Susie Orbach in conversation  ‘How do we get a body?’


Highgate Counselling

29th September

Talk on "The body in therapy"


Dublin – Eating Disorders Positive Solutions                           

15th October



St Pauls Cathedral dialogue series                                    

26th October             

6.30 – 8.30pm   

A conversation with Abbott Christopher Jamison on Happiness


Panel on Ethics of Confessional TV                                     

30th October

Roehampton University at the Freud Museum

Talk for the Association of Financial Professionals                        

8th November

San Antonio, Texas